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The Best PPAs for Ubuntu Based Distros

Ubuntu and its related distros like Elementary, Mint, and Pop!_OS have access to an enormous software library. There are times when a particular program may not be available in an official repository or is lagging behind in updates. Ubuntu developed Personal Package Archives (PPA) as a way to easily create small personal repositories to deliver […]

Should you by the Wyze Thermostat?

Wyze Thermostat: Is It Worth Buying?

After installing a Wyze Outdoor Camera, I decided the Wyze Thermostat should be next. I’ve been eyeing various smart thermostats but with Wyze costing only $50, I couldn’t pass up the inexpensive upgrade.

The Best Google Photos Alternatives

Google Photos has long been the preferred method to backup photos on Android. Google Photos offered unlimited high quality photo storage while limiting original or best quality photos to the storage available. OG Pixel benefited from free full quality photo backup forever. Subsequent Pixel users were offered free backup with an expiration date. Google announced […]

Pop! OS 20.10 After Install Getting Started Guide

This Getting Started Guide will help set up a new Pop!_OS 20.10 install. I have included common software selections along with a few of my favorites.


Top Reasons to Choose openSUSE in 2020

OpenSUSE is often overlooked and underappreciated in the Linux world. Its a truly great Linux distribution that deserves a chance. These are the top reasons why you should try openSUSE.

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