HTH Lives!

After some messy issues with servers, hosting, SSLs, DNS, and whatever other web dev stuff that I’ve learned to despise, Hacking The Hike is officially back online.

I want to apologize if the downtime caused you any personal grief or hardship. I know that the Linux guides are very popular and highly utilized. I’m sorry for any trouble you’ve encountered.

Missing Content

Many articles were lost due to a failure in the backup system. If you’re looking for older Linux guides, they’re just gone and won’t be published again. Not worth the time or effort. Most of the images used on the site also were lost.

What To Expect Next

Its been my long term plan to divide Hacking the Hike into two separate sites with distinct focuses. Hacking The Hike will remain the home of outdoors tips and tricks, travel advice, and places we’ve visited.

A new tech center site will launch in the near future (I know I’ve been promising it but its really happening now). I’m working on branding, moving the tech articles over, URL redirections, and still living my life. “Future Tech Blog” will host Linux guides, open source how to articles, and technology stories. I’m a big fan of renewable energy so expect to see more of that.

My Personal Life

I’m the sole contributor to Hacking The Hike. I have hoped to bring in more writers for more diverse content but that is as hard as producing the content myself. I have a family, a full time job, and will soon be back at university full time.

I will strive to produce content but the pace will slow a little. That’s life, after all.

Joining HTH

If you’re interested in joining Hacking The Hike or my future unnamed tech site as a regular writer or just a one time guest author, there’s room for you! Even if you already have a website or blog of your own, your contributions are welcome here (with links back to your own site, of course).

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