Boondocking At Lake Meredith, Sugar City, Colorado

Lake Meredith is a reservoir near Sugar City, Colorado. Its the perfect place to spend the night and do a little fishing.

Best Flatpaks for Linux in 2021

Flatpaks are a convenient way to install software on Linux. Flatkpak is popular because its convenient to package applications once, work across a variety of Linux distributions, and is isolated from other applications.

Boondocking at Teal Pond in Shawnee National Forest, Illinois

Teal Pond is a forgotten camp site in the Shawnee National Forest While there are two usable spots now, a dozen campsites were once available. The location still proves peaceful and is a reprieve from busier campgrounds.

The Best PPAs for Ubuntu Based Distros

Ubuntu and its related distros like Elementary, Mint, and Pop!_OS have access to an enormous software library. There are times when a particular program may not be available in an official repository or is lagging behind in updates. Ubuntu developed Personal Package Archives (PPA) as a way to easily create small personal repositories to deliver […]

Wyze Thermostat: Is It Worth Buying?

After installing a Wyze Outdoor Camera, I decided the Wyze Thermostat should be next. I’ve been eyeing various smart thermostats but with Wyze costing only $50, I couldn’t pass up the inexpensive upgrade.

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