While there are many websites that feature open source software, the great outdoors, and technology, Hacking The Hike brings them all together. Hacking The Hike was founded on the belief that people enjoy not only using Linux but also hiking and camping. The goal at Hacking The Hike is to provide great advice, helpful tutorials, and handy tips. This website is primarily focused on beginners. The articles will be written to reflect that.

Hacking The Hike is different from other websites because we believe that people can love the outdoors as much as they do using computers. The advice dispensed and the tutorials created at Hacking The Hike are tested by the writers firsthand. The information here is tried and true.

While Hacking The Hike primarily focuses on open source, outdoors, and technology tips and tutorials, there will occasionally be editorial pieces and news articles relevant to those subjects.

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How to Contribute

Every post has an open comment section. Articles can also be discussed on Facebook and Twitter. Hacking The Hike is open to guest writers and bloggers. If you want to write about open source, the great outdoors, or technology in general, we’d love to hear from you.