This website is dedicated to the outdoors and technology. I love backpacking, camping, fishing, hiking, and kayaking. I also run Linux on my Thinkpad and embrace free and open source software (FOSS) whenever I can.

I created this site to fill in a void. The open source community is heavy on distro reviews but lacks software reviews. I’m not a developer. I’m an everyday user that just wants software to respect privacy and to just work.

Indiana tends to be overlooked when it comes to outdoor experiences. There are a number of great state parks, backpacking trails, kayaking spots, and more.

Educationally, I’m up to six or seven years of college spread through history, programming, basic EMT, network administration, and information technology. So yeah. I’m ridiculously over educated with no degree.

I’m a neuro tech by trade. Also called an EEG tech. I perform brain wave studies on patients ranging from newborn in the NICU to the elderly.

My wife and I live in west central Indiana. We love to travel and believe the kiddos are best raised outdoors — running, playing, getting fresh air.

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