The Best PPAs for Ubuntu Based Distros

Ubuntu and its related distros like Elementary, Mint, and Pop!_OS have access to an enormous software library. There are times when a particular program may not be available in an official repository or is lagging behind in updates. Ubuntu developed Personal Package Archives (PPA) as a way to easily create small personal repositories to deliver […]

How to Install Firefox Beta on Ubuntu

Mozilla Firefox is a speedy, light open source web browser built for multiple platforms including Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu does a great job updating to the latest version of Firefox. If the latest stable isn’t latest enough, the Mozilla Team has an official PPA for Firefox Beta.

Linux Friendly Cloud Services in 2020

There are so many cloud services, its practically raining them.  Bah duh.  Awful dad joke aside, there are countless cloud services that allow for seamless syncing from device to device.  What is lacking, however, is Linux compatible services.  Most popular services like Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud only work with Windows and MacOS.  Being the […]

Best of Linux Note Taking

I’ve been a big fan of Google Keep ever since it came out. It easily syncs notes across my devices and its free. But there’s no native Linux client nor is it open source. The apps I’m listing meet my basic criteria: Linux compatible, syncs to Android, free (at least for the basic version), and […]