How To Ditch YouTube

YouTube is a the primary video sharing site on the Internet. It is full of helpful tutorials, commentary, funny videos, and strange content. For most purposes, its hard not to use YouTube. If I’m repairing my ’04 Expedition, where do I turn first? YouTube. Putting new flooring down? YouTube. Following the election? YouTube. Watching turkey […]

Getting Started with openSUSE Tumbleweed in 2020

OpenSUSE easily remains my favorite Fedora alternative. Its a fast, feature filled, professional Linux distribution with strong corporate backing and awesome developers.

OpenSUSE Software Install Failures

Sometimes Linux distros just fail and openSUSE is no exception. This is my experience attempting to install software in openSUSE Leap 15.2 using One Click Install and RPMs. Update: a partial solution.

12 Open Source Apps To Try

While its easy to run open source software on Linux (its comes preinstalled!), it may not be so obvious on Android. There are free and open source apps available for just about everything on Android. Being FOSS though doesn’t make an app great. Like their closed source cousins, there’s a lot of mediocre apps available. […]

Linux Friendly Cloud Services in 2020

There are so many cloud services, its practically raining them.  Bah duh.  Awful dad joke aside, there are countless cloud services that allow for seamless syncing from device to device.  What is lacking, however, is Linux compatible services.  Most popular services like Google Drive, OneDrive, or iCloud only work with Windows and MacOS.  Being the […]

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