OnePlus 7T Unlock Guide

OnePlus 7t

The OnePlus 7T is the third OnePlus phone I’ve used in the last year. When my OG Google Pixel required charging multiple times daily, I “upgraded” to a Moto Z2 Force. That was a terrible mistake. I appreciated the near stock experience but my particular model was the AT&T version. Meaning no updates. Even when the Verizon version received them, AT&T didn’t. It was an annoying reminder of why I had purchased the Pixel or even the Nexus 6P before it. I wanted control over my phone.

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Open Source Android Launchers in 2020

2020 FOSS Launchers

While there are more manufacturers offering stock Android like OnePlus or Nokia, many still offer bloated launchers by default. Other launchers have been available for years. They can add various levels of customization or simplicity. A launcher can even speed up your phone. True to Hacking the Hike, all of the launchers on this list … Read more