Chris’ Solar Story: Buying Solar

Solar Panels

I always dreamed of having a solar powered home. I envied the panels on others’ homes. I could literally power everything in my home with the sun’s energy. So early last year, my wife and I started seeing ads pop up on Facebook for solar. They were very enticing ads. Almost borderline scam like with … Read more

The Problem With Green Retrofitting Today

Cash for Caulkers is a lovely program.  Let’s give people a financial incentive to upgrade to more energy efficient appliances, lay down some insulation, even install a newer furnace or wood stove.  It works well too.  People have taken advantage of the program. Here’s my problem:  Upfront spending.  The tax credits involved are wonderful for … Read more

Green Building Materials

If you’re looking at building a new home or renovating the one you have, you can green it up with any or all of these… Roofing MaterialsThese are available in recycled rubber and polymers that similar to slate. These are lower maintenance and lighter than conventional roofing. Counters and ShowersUsing glass and concrete mixed together … Read more