Fedora 36 After Install Guide

This getting started guide will help quickly set up Fedora 36 after a fresh install. This guide is my personal cheat sheet that has been revised through several iterations of Fedora releases. The instructions here may seem familiar for those that referenced the Fedora 35 Guide. Most instructions remain identical to past versions. I personally test … Read more

Why Fedora?

I have distrohopped for a long time. Its likely the basic state of most Linux users. We’re all chasing that perfect distro. That distro that runs just a little smoother, that has a prettier command line, better effects, that’s freer than free, and so on.

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Best of Linux Note Taking

I’ve been a big fan of Google Keep ever since it came out.  It easily syncs notes across my devices and its free.  But there’s no native Linux client nor is it open source.  The apps I’m listing meet my basic criteria: Linux compatible, syncs to Android, free (at least for the basic version), and ideally open source

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