Kitchen Stand


My wife decided during our stay at home quarantine to start finishing projects.  That has turned into more projects for me.  We ditched a China cabinet, rearranged the kitchen/dining room space, and I built this kitchen stand microwave cart thing

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Cast Iron Seasoning

Cast iron works best when its well seasoned.  That means obtaining a beautiful black finish.  Cooking in it helps the most.  A few pounds of bacon and your skillet should look great.  That doesn’t work as well if you need a quicker seasoning. 

Many people recommend coating the cast iron and placing it upside down over a cookie sheet in the oven. While this method does work, I was left with a smokey house. 

So instead, I tried it on the grill. 

I left the grill on high for about half an hour and allowed it to cool for several hours.  The results were prefect.