Drolet HT-2000 Extra Large Wood Stove

Drolet HT-2000

Since our old Blaze King bit the dust, we replaced it with the Drolet HT-2000.  It was a special order from Menards for $1099.  Wait and watch carefully, you can grab it with the 11% rebate.  Its free shipping to the store.  Otherwise, you’re looking at a couple hundred in shipping fees to your home.  I also ordered the blower for $100.  Drolet will send a 25% off coupon after registering the warranty so it might be worthwhile waiting to order the blower.

In all of my research, I found very few pictures or reviews of the stove so I’m going to fill in the gaps.  If anyone wants to see the stove better or has questions, I’ll post updates.

The specifications can all be found easily online.  Its a 78% efficient stove with a 3.4 cu. ft. firebox.  Its one of the largest stoves on the market.  Ironically, the firebox is smaller than my old Blaze King while the overall size is close.

A removable plug in the firebox for ashes.  There is an ash tray located in the pedestal.  I haven’t tried it yet but most folks say its not worth the hassle.  

The stove comes fully assembled.  Heavy cardboard holds the firebrick and baffle in place.  The baffle and fiberglass blanket above the air tubes may need slid back into place.  

The firebrick in the back is a different type/texture than the rest.  It also sits in front of a fiberglass blanket that lines the back of the stove.  I felt like the brick could have fit a little closer together.

First burn!

Burn a couple small fires to help cure the paint.  Its going to stink up your house.  Drolet says that the paint is not poisonous but its still not pleasant.  It took most of the evening for the smell to dissipate.

I let my initial fire die down before starting a much bigger hotter fire.  With a bigger load, I produced a much hotter fire and saw the secondary burn really kick in.  Its pretty amazing to see fire shoot from the tubes.

As I’m still on my first night, I can’t speak about burn lengths but I’ll be updating as I use it more.  Please leave questions in the comment section.  I’ll add pictures and possibly a video of the burn.

For specifications or to download the manual, check the Drolet site.

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