Hawthorn Park, Terre Haute, Indiana

Hawthorn Park

Hawthorn Park has long been my favorite park in Terre Haute. I’ve ran laps around the lake preparing for the Indy Mini Marathon. I’ve backpacked the trails practicing for longer trips. The wife and I have enjoyed kayaking the smaller lake. There are a couple different playgrounds for kids (and they love them). The labyrinth is a relaxing meditative change from hiking the hills.

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Exploring Indiana’s Wabashiki Wetlands

Wabashiki Banner

The Wabashiki Wetlands are part of a larger Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area (FWA) west of Terre Haute, Indiana. Wabashiki has been featured frequently by the local media for recreational opportunities as well as bird watching.

While I’m focusing on kayaking for this post, I don’t want to ignore what else Wabashiki has to offer. Dewey Point has free parking with restrooms, picnic tables, and a chance for bird watching. From Dewey Point, there’s a seven mile trail between West Terre Haute and the wetlands. There is also a check in at Dewey Point for hunting.

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