Chickens Are In The Coop

Checking out the perches.

We finally moved the chickens from their indoor abode to their comfortable new setting outside.  I had a couple final touches to do on Saturday but they’re moved for now.  Unfortunately…  We have some reconstruction to do on it.  We’re actually going to make it taller.  So in the mean time, I’m putting up fence for the chickens’ run and they can scratch around there while we make final adjustments one day.

Oh, that pine bedding feels great.
Wow, nesting boxes!
Mmm…  Chicken feed.
I also have one nearly fatal story to share.  While I was adding some vents, I had placed the chicks in a make shift pen.  The chicks managed to squeeze through the holes.  I had my back turned working on the coop and my dog snatched a chick away.  I chased after her frantically, yelling to put the chicken down.  She eventually dropped the chick, tried grabbing her again, failed, and ran off.  
Be sure to choose smaller wire for chicks.   1 x 2″ holes are too big.
I rescued the chick luckily.  She was limping bad and seemed to be in shock.  She’s since been staying in our “chicken hospital.”  Her recovery is advancing well and I expect her to be in the coop within a couple days.  
Our frail chick on the chicken “cot” going to the hospital.
I will also post the complete construction walk through soon.  I want to fully finish the hen house and the run before its posted.  The construction photos are on my Google+ page.

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