How To Ditch YouTube

Ditch YouTube

YouTube is a the primary video sharing site on the Internet. It is full of helpful tutorials, commentary, funny videos, and strange content. For most purposes, its hard not to use YouTube. If I’m repairing my ’04 Expedition, where do I turn first? YouTube. Putting new flooring down? YouTube. Following the election? YouTube. Watching turkey fryer explosions? YouTube. You get the point: YouTube hosts a wide variety of content and its likely the only place that many videos will be hosted.

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Another Reason to Ditch Google

flag usa controls security camera

There’s no such thing as bad PR, right? US Attorney General William Barr accused Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft of working directly with the Chinese government. Reuters reports on the three tech giants’ involvement with the Chinese Communist Party. While I don’t buy into hype and hysteria, tech companies have shown a strong willingness to work … Read more

Better Email:

Msgsafe Featured

After comparing Tutanota and Protonmail, I found several providers have popped up to offer private, encrypted email. promises similar encrypted, privacy focused email. Pricing is comparable to Tutanota. Both services provide 1 GB for free. Msgsafe imposes a limit of 25 daily outbound emails on the free tier. Protonmail is a little skimpy with … Read more

Chris’ Solar Story: Buying Solar

Solar Panels

I always dreamed of having a solar powered home. I envied the panels on others’ homes. I could literally power everything in my home with the sun’s energy. So early last year, my wife and I started seeing ads pop up on Facebook for solar. They were very enticing ads. Almost borderline scam like with … Read more