Hacking The Hike was envisioned as a community that embraced two distinctly different interests: the outdoors and technology. While there is an overlap, they are simply too different to co-exist here.

In the near future, Hacking The Hike will become an exclusively outdoor oriented website focused on hiking and camping with occasional articles on travel. That is not an exclusive or exhaustive list.

What happens to the technology content? It will be finding a new home. All of the Linux, Android, open source, and technology posts will be transitioned to a new home better suited for lengthy how to articles.

For those interested in the technical side of this transition, the new tech focused site will rely on a static site generator. The goal is to vastly improve page load times. Additionally, both sites will be gradually de-Googled. That is to say that Google’s Ads, Analytics, and Amp will be replaced by privacy respecting alternatives.

Using Analytics has helped me realize where the interest is. The Fedora guides are the overwhelmingly most popular posts. Using these tools helps me write better content for you, my readers. I want to respect your privacy while doing so.

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