Review: Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat


The two big questions out of this are “Is the Ecobee 4 worth buying” and “Is it worth buying over the competition.” Yes and, well, yes.

Many of the features are comparable between brands. Nest and Wyze track energy use, follow schedules, and offer geofencing. Ecobee simply handles those tasks better. Wyze is still playing catch up to eco+ and still hasn’t released remote sensors. Wyze would be a great thermostat if it was a complete package. Wyze is also the cheapest of the options here at $72 plus shipping on the Wyze website or $73 on Amazon.

Nest is the real competition here. Unfortunately for Nest, Ecobee handles the same tasks better. Nest is more restrictive about using remote sensors. Not all Nest Thermostats work with them. The proper Nest app would help too but with Google in charge, Nest is slowly moving into the Google Home app. The app lacks the fine controls and information that most smart thermostat buyers will expect.

If you’ve already bought into another ecosystem like Nest or Wyze, then it may make more sense to go that direction but most consumers will be happier with what Ecobee offers.

The Ecobee 4 is currently $300 on Amazon.

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