Review: Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat


Trying to save the Earth and a few bucks at the same time? Eco+ features are geared towards reducing usage while maintaining a comfortable environment.

It does this by looking at occupancy, weather, and electricity rates. Yes, Ecobee can connect with some utility companies for discounts in exchange for occasional control over the thermostat during peak hours. It will also alter use if an electric company has variable time-of-use rates.

Remote Sensors

Remote sensors allow the thermostat to reach into other rooms for better control. In a smaller home, the differences between rooms may not be as noticeable. In a larger home, especially one with more than one story, the temperature can vary dramatically.

Remote Sensor displays current temperature

With remote sensors in place, the thermostat can read each room’s temperature and humidity. With that information, it will attempt to balance the temperature.

The sensor can also detect if the room is occupied. If the thermostat or the sensors show occupied, the thermostat will switch to Home mode and begin heating or cooling.

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