Review: Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat



Smart thermostats can handle simple to rather complex granular scheduling.

I’ve only enabled a basic daily schedule above. Its possible to override the schedule manually or with geofencing. The schedule can accommodate much more fine control than listed above.


Geofencing is a fancy way to say the air doesn’t need to run when you’re not home.

While Wyze and Nest both offered geofencing in some form, Ecobee offers more options. The radius can be manually selected inside a map view. When entering or leaving the selected area, the thermostat can go back to Home, Away, Sleep, Resume Schedule, or do nothing.

Ecobee App 08
Ecobee geofence notification

Upon entering or leaving the geofenced area, Ecobee will notify you about the current status of the thermostat. For example, upon entering geofence, the thermostat switches to Home. Upon leaving, it changes to Away. These settings can be changed in the app.

This is mostly helpful knowing when and where the changes happen. When I’ve been on the edge of the geofence, I have experienced frequent app notifications as I jumped from Home to Away back to Home.

Smart Home Integrations

The Ecobee 4 works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Alexa is built-in so the thermostat can handle voice commands, calls, or even play music.

Vacation Mode

Vacation Mode sets a separate schedule for vacations. This could be useful to keep temperatures stable for plants or pets.

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