Review: Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat

Basic Operation

At the most basic level, a smart thermostat is still a thermostat and should be able to adjust the temperature accordingly. And simply.

Ecobee easily handles the simple function of changing the temperature and adjusting from heating to cooling. Click on the snow flake to change from Heat to Cool, Auto or Off. A flame is shown when the system is switched to heating. The slider on the right sets the temperature. The bold white number in the middle (73 above) is the current temperature. Above the temperature is the current humidity.

All of the thermostats previously tested (Nest and Wyze) handled this task easily. While the Ecobee 4 leaves the physical task of changing temperatures to a touchscreen, some older Nests offered a physical dial. Newer Nest thermostats have replaced the mechanical motion for a touch sensitive one. The Wyze Thermostat offers a physical dial below the screen for adjust the temperature and navigating menus.

While I would personally prefer a mechanical, tangible dial to use, its mostly a relic due to scheduling.

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