Boondocking At Lake Meredith, Sugar City, Colorado

Lake Meredith is a reservoir near Sugar City, Colorado. Its the perfect place to spend the night and do a little fishing.

We came a roundabout way into Lake Meredith from nearby Sugar City even though we were originally coming in from the west. A roadside appeared to warn about a steep railroad crossing that would be unsafe for vehicles with trails. Not wanting to risk being caught, we rerouted and drove around the lake.

The camping area is large, open, and mostly graveled. There are no designated spots but easily enough room for a dozen campers.


We woke to cows. Not that this should be a surprise. As we drove through Sugar City, the smell of manure was overwhelming. It raised cause for concern but subsided as we drew closer to Lake Meredith. Other boondockers have mentioned the smell drifts so it can make for an unpleasant stay.

I’m not sure if fires are officially permitted here. We arrived too late to try but previous visitors obviously have.


There is a sole vault toilet present.

Site Quality

We pull a 30′ travel trailer with a Ford Expedition. We had zero trouble maneuvering. The ground was dry at the time so no traction issues. I would be concerned after a rain. At a minimum, stay on the gravel.

AT&T service was roughly 3/5. LTE worked and speeds were decent.

My Take

Would we stay here again? Yes, only for a night. Lake Meredith is a great place to spend a single night while traveling through the area.

Lake Meredith can be found at:

County Lane 21
Sugar City, CO 81076
GPS: 38.2119, -103.6925

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