How to Make the Best Campfire Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is delicious. What’s better than grilled cheese? Yeah, grilled cheese cooked directly over a fire. It gives grilled cheese all the smokey flavor you could ask for. As a bonus, its fun to cook over hot coals.

I’ve used the old pie iron route to cook over fires for years. The kids love apple or cherry pies made that way. I’ve even tried s’more style once or twice. Making a grilled cheese in a pie iron isn’t anything new. Then for Christmas I received a Charcoal Companion Grilled Cheese Press.

Yeah those are pie irons too

The concept is the same. Use some fat on your bread, load it up with cheese, latch it, and watch the bread sizzle over hot coals. While a showy fire with flames licking the bottom may seem like a good idea, I find a bed of coals usually works better for campfire cooking

The grilled cheese is held in tightly. No worries over dropping it.

It doesn’t have to be strictly bread and cheese. I threw in ham and bacon topped with cheddar. Butter is traditional but olive oil, bacon fat, or other oils will all work. The included recipe book is full of great ideas if you need inspiration.

Look at that crispy crust

What are your favorite grilled cheese fillings? Tell us in the comments below!

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