How to Secure Your Camper

After purchasing a travel trailer or camper, the last thing you want is for someone to drive off with it. There’s a few simple ways you can secure your investment.

Before buying anything, understand two things: one, most thieves are opportunistic and two, with enough time and effort any lock can be compromised.

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Coupler lock and latch lock

We recently purchased a Jayco Jayflight travel trailer for boondocking. Even though our new home away from home is still sitting at home, it could be any easy target for someone to back up to, hitch, and drive away. I purchased a coupler lock and a latch lock to make that more difficult.

Coupler Lock

Tow Smart locks

The coupler lock has a ball, similar to one used for towing, that fits inside the coupler. Its mounted inside a U-shaped metal bar that connects to another solid metal that sits on top of the coupler.

Latch Lock

To make it more difficult to remove the coupler, I also installed a latch lock. With the latch lock in place, the latch cannot be moved to remove the ball.

I recommend buying a complete set like this one from Reese or Tow Smart that includes locks for the coupler, latch, and hitch receiver.

Master Lock makes a similar kit as well but the couple lock is styled differently.

Too Many Keys

Regardless of which one you buy, consider the convenience of buying a complete set so that the locks are all keyed alike. A locksmith can key locks so they require the same key, that’s an additional time and expense. There are several trailer or hitch lock sets that all share keys. The Tow Smart set included four keys so I can leave one on my key chain, one at home, and hide one in my vehicle.

The Boot

For additional security and peace of mind, consider adding a parking boot. There are several style available but this clamping unit makes installation easy. To be honest, it feels a little over the top but it makes me more comfortable leaving my camper while I scout around or head to town for supplies.

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