Android 11 Removing the Camera Picker

Android 11 is removing the ability to select a default camera. Before 11, users could select a default camera the same way they could select a default browser. If the user preferred GCam over the stock camera, it could be set as the system wide default.

Things aren’t pretty at Google’s Issue Tracker. One user shot back at this Android change.

I wonder when Android will not allow user to choose default browser because “it’s the right trade-off to protect the privacy and security of our users” …

Aside from the freedom to choose, users have other valid reasons to select a different default camera. Take Snapchat, the ticking photo time bomb. Some users may only primarily use Snapchat for photos. It’s a massive convenience to double click a power button and voila, there’s Snapchat.

Other users may prefer a GCam port or the Adobe Photoshop Camera. It’s up to the user to select what works best for them.

This sets a bad precedent. For the last several Android updates, Google has been wrestling control back from OEMs and asserting more control over Android. This move to unnecessarily set a default camera is testing the waters and conditioning users to accept Google’s control.

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