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Camping in an established campground is fun and convenient. There is usually electricity and running water. Shower houses are nearby. Most have a metal ring ready for a fire. Growing up, this was the only way to camp. I discovered backpacking late in my teens and I loved the feeling of adventure. As a dad with kids, I’m after something in the middle. I had a shower thought one morning, a brilliant light bulb shattering epiphany, why isn’t there an AirBnB for camping?!

Well, actually, there is. So much for my brilliant idea.


Hipcamp is exactly what I envisioned: camping on private property. Each campsite is unique and special. Hipcamp is more than just a campground booking service. It connects campers with unique land and experiences.

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Just like reserving a site at a traditional campground, Hipcamp offers a wide variety of options and the means to filter them. I punched in this weekend, searched nearby, and found options starting at $30 per night.

Hipcamp host options

Of course, each host site will vary on what’s offered and what’s allowed. There may or may not be potable water, showers, electricity, or even Wifi. Options will vary based on the type of camping as well. An RV site will have restrictions about the maximum length but are more likely to have electricity and water available. Tent camping sites might be as primitive as possible with virtually no amenities.

Hipcamp host activities

Like conventional campgrounds, many hosts offer additional activities. Properties often have small lakes for fishing, swimming, or paddling. Options will vary regionally. When looking at the Western US, I found climbing available. Coastal areas offer boating and surfing. Not all activities are located at the host site but they’re promised to be close.

Hipcamp paid activities and conveniences

Hosts can also offer paid services. The host above offers a Slip N Slide rental along with a propane tank purchase. Many campers will probably bring their own propane or kickball but its convenient to have additional options handy. Then again, we all forget things too. That’s a lot easier than hunting down propane for dinner.

Hipcamp terrain like beach, cave, forest, river

I was pleasantly surprised to see a cave available near a site in Illinois. Local terrain is listed with each site. Some I would expect like forest but caves, waterfalls, or hot springs are a welcome addition. Hipcamp is primarily available in the United States. Searching the map, I found some sites in Canada and Puerto Rico. Then there was a random site in Spain and France.

Hipcamp also offers mobile apps for on the go searching and booking. All of the above features and information are also available in the app. Searches are easily filtered with options like price, group size, or accommodations.

If you’re debating about where to take your next trip, try checking Hipcamp first. With the numerous campsites, activities, and accommodations, Hipcamp makes an attractive alternative to campgrounds or even hotels.

Hipcamp is always looking for more sites as well. If you own land and are interested in hosting campers, sign up. Hipcamp promises $100 in cash for signing up. Plus I’d like more places to camp.

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