France Park, Logansport, Indiana

Beautiful France Park

We’ve been eyeing France Park since pictures of the lake started populating our Facebook groups. The blue lake has beguiled us and it was worth a detour home.

France Park is actually home to a couple of lakes. I found a lily pad covered lake first while we cruised the meandering roads. Some 200 campsites are tucked away throughout the park, hidden from view . A waterfall is easily accessible and a disc golf course is a short from it.

The big attraction is a spring fed quarry with beautiful blue water. One end of the lake has a small sandy beach and roped off fishing area. Needless to say, on a hot July afternoon in Indiana, the beach was extremely popular. Various trails came off the beach area to encircle the lake. I was surprised to find the Indy Dive Center practicing at France Park.

We didn’t do much hiking this time. After a couple days at Indiana Dunes, we were ready for home but we couldn’t pass up France Park.

Photos shot on OnePlus 7t (and maybe a couple on my wife’s OnePlus 5t).