Open Source Android Launchers in 2020


Hyperion and Lawnchair are very similar. They both share the same styling and features. Google Feed can be installed on both. Sesame integrates with both. Hyperion has a paid tier, Lawnchair does not. Rootless is a stripped down version of these.

Bliss is simple but pretty. If iOS is your thing, use Bliss. Keikai is almost a vertical version.

Posidon is a great concept. I’m a sucker for news and having it upfront is enticing.

Last is proof that there’s no one size fits all solution. Its unique among the launchers here. No icons. Just the apps.

Is there a best launcher? Why aren’t these ranked? Because I’m not that kind of tech writer and because that’s not how open source works.

Comment below what your favorite open source launcher is and why you think its great. If you don’t use an open source launcher, tell us about it.

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