Open Source Android Launchers in 2020

Last Launcher

I naively believed that Bliss would be the simplest launcher on this list. Seriously, how much more basic does it get than page after page of app icons? Last Launcher skips the icons, widgets, dock, and drawer for the sake of speed. Its stupid fast as it should be. There’s almost next to nothing to load or run.

Last Launcher is like a tag cloud for apps. The most frequently used apps are the largest making them easier to find. Those apps are highlighted in different colors.

App names can manually be changed to different colors or shapes.

Last Launcher is a cool concept with at least one problem: hidden apps are just hidden. Other launchers have hidden drawers to find hidden apps. Last Launcher just hides them. Forever. Or until the reset all is pressed. A minor trade off for speed. Like Maverick and Goose, I have a need… A need for speed.

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