Open Source Android Launchers in 2020

Rootless Pixel Launcher

If you like Lawnchair or Hyperion (or Pixel) but feel that there’s just too many options, well, I don’t understand why. But the developer behind Rootless gets it.

Really, its very close to Lawnchair and Hyperion. There’s no Sesame integration but the Google Feed lives on. There’s no hiding apps either. Oddly, Rootless is missing long press menus on the apps.


Posidon starts out differently than the others. There’s normally some level of customization but Posidon has a hard start. Posidon is billed as an RSS feed and app drawer so I’m not sure how that plays out with iOS.

Pixel. One UI. iOS.
Your choice.

I started with Pixel. Notifications filled the top of the screen with a search bar and dock at the bottom. Swiping up on the dock reveals the app drawer. The notification/news feed scrolls indefinitely.

During setup, Posidon has the option to disable news and add additional RSS feeds (like Hacking the Hike). News, RSS feeds, and notifications fall onto the home screen. Notifications can be dismissed with a swipe. Widgets can be added to the home screen but I broke the clock when I did. I liked the search feature. Search revealed installed apps and a Wikipedia article on the subject. A link to DuckDuckGo search results is handy.

Long pressing on the news feed revealed Posidon’s menu. All of the standard options are present like changing icon sets or the wallpaper. The wallpapers don’t list a source but they’re high quality and somewhat random. I liked the squirrel.

I added Hacking the Hike to the Feed list. Sorry, shameless self promotion. Notifications can be adjusted so only specific app notifications will display. I found this helpful for persistent notifications like KDE Connect. While there were plenty of options to customize the launcher, none of the presets like One UI or iOS were present. I cleared the storage on Posidon and started over.

The change in themes was a slight let down. I expected a bigger difference in styling. The theme presets change the icon shape, dock style, and feed appearance.

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