Open Source Android Launchers in 2020

While there are more manufacturers offering stock Android like OnePlus or Nokia, many still offer bloated launchers by default. Other launchers have been available for years. They can add various levels of customization or simplicity. A launcher can even speed up your phone.

True to Hacking the Hike, all of the launchers on this list must be free and open source software. Many of these launchers have not been updated since the original list of Open Source Android Launchers was revealed.

Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion has a clean, stock look. The top search bar and swipe up app drawer are recognizable Android traits.

I prefer an AMOLED black theme. It helps battery life and more importantly, keeps my office dark. Transparent and light themes are available as well.

Sesame integrates directly with Hyperion. It can replace the Google search bar. For a complete Pixel launcher replacement, Google Feed is available as a separate download from Hyperion.

Some of Hyperion’s feature are locked behind a $2 add-on called Hyperion Supreme. I didn’t find anything I was desperately missing. Some options like gestures are included free elsewhere.

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