I Have a Smartphone Addiction

I have a problem. That’s the first step, right? Admitting you have a problem? Well, I do. With smartphones. I don’t buy the latest and greatest. I don’t hop on any Galaxy S93+ Jumbo 5G Alpha bandwagons.

I’m more of a thrifty shopper. I like buying things used. Take my Thinkpad T540p. It was a glorious eBay find. That’s me with smartphones. What can I buy used this month? What more will I get out of it? Will it take better photos? Will the battery last an extra hour? Can I make money selling my current phone buying a good-ish deal on another phone?

Phonearena has the convenient option to add phones to the user profile. That’s neat. I started adding my old phones. I remember rooting that Droid DNA. Oh, how I loved the voice commands on the Moto X. WebOS was where it was at. I didn’t realize how deep my problem runs.

I’m still not sure if I added all of my many phones.

Why am I writing about this? For starters, its a little embarrassing. I’ve been chasing deals for years. Did that new phone ever really change my life? No.

Some of them were pretty great. I held onto the Google Pixel for almost two years. That was a personal best. Now I’m a self described OnePlus fanboy. I don’t feel the need to upgrade anymore. I went from the 5t to the 6t because I thought it would give so much more. It didn’t. I only bought a 7t after dropping my 6t. Again, I gained nothing. Even though OnePlus’ slogan is “Never Settle” I have settled with them.

Phones aren’t advancing like they once did. Look at the difference between a Palm Centro and a Motorola Droid. That was a couple of years apart. But a Pixel and a 7t? A bigger screen maybe. But Android works just as well on either.

Smartphones aren’t exactly environmentally friendly. I think its time to give up on upgrading or at least buying new. That’s why I purchased all of my OnePlus phones on eBay. I think its time to step back and reevaluate our collective need to get the latest and greatest phone.

Tell me in the comments what was your favorite phone. Will you be upgrading soon?

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