Fixing Google Photo Backups

With the recent update to Google Photos, Google has quietly opted to change which decide folders to backup. It’s only a minor inconvenience to change this setting.

Why have you forsaken me, Google?

Since everyone has been stuck at home for the last few months taking photos of cats and making Tik Toks (props to India for banning this dumpster fire), Google Photos is filling up with crap. Google is trying to fix this storage mess by limiting uploads to photos taken by the device camera.

Fix It

The fix is a simple change in Google Photos. So open up the app and click the user icon in the top right corner.

Don’t judge my battery.

Next try out that Photo Settings option.

Click Back up & Sync.

Don’t judge my eBay addiction either.

The Back up & sync screen will show you info like how much storage you have left (I’ll complain about Google One another time).  Right now, let’s focus on the storage settings. After all, we want to use all of that free and unlimited storage we possibly can.

Move onto Back up device folders. Notice it says None?!  That’s Google being cheap with their free storage.  Freeish?  Again, that’s another time.

I know you’re not judging right now.

I probably don’t need to backup any BSB cover art or videos I downloaded via Newpipe. Screenshots might be handy though. Either way, pick which folders you would like to backup and try not to feel guilty about using more bandwidth and storage.

When you install new apps that create media, you may need to follow this again to backup new folders.

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