Exploring Indiana’s Wabashiki Wetlands

The Wabashiki Wetlands are part of a larger Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area (FWA) west of Terre Haute, Indiana. Wabashiki has been featured frequently by the local media for recreational opportunities as well as bird watching.

While I’m focusing on kayaking for this post, I don’t want to ignore what else Wabashiki has to offer. Dewey Point has free parking with restrooms, picnic tables, and a chance for bird watching. From Dewey Point, there’s a seven mile trail between West Terre Haute and the wetlands. There is also a check in at Dewey Point for hunting.

My wife and I recently had the chance to try out the kayak launch installed earlier this year at Dewey Point. After a less than graceful accident that caused me to sprain my foot, I was thrilled to try out the launch. If you haven’t used one, its very simple and safe. The kayak rests on rollers. Sit down in your kayak, use the hand rails to give a little push, and the kayak will slide right into the water.

More importantly, the wetlands offered a different view for us.

The Wabashiki Wetlands had a lot of interesting area to explore. As it should. The FWA is comprised of 2700 acres along the Wabash River and is most floodplain. By August, the water level can steeply recede limiting opportunities.

Kayaking in early June was perfect though. Water levels were high. It was easy to explore and the weather was still relatively temperate.

All photos were shot on my OnePlus 7T.

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